Never Be

by Steven Craig

She was going to be late
He had told her never be late for him
The consequences could never be measured by her
She rushed through her apartment gathering jacket and keys and wallet and bus tokens as the sun crossed the median and the shadows on the walk outside her door shifted from the left to the right
She should be at the bus corner stop when that happens
There were tears starting to form
In a rush and panic she moved as if leaping in a race down the stairs and walk
People moved out the way but no one was anyone
Not them
Not her
Not him walking down the street
That grey long coat over one arm concealing a riding crop

She made it to the bus stop and stomped her feet
The bus was gone and there she was late and alone as she should never ever be
Excuses flooding her head
But he had told her that excuses were the wine of the misfortune
Her mine raced at it tried to put a put there on the corner
Door open swallowing her and pulling away
Hoping to catchup up
And she lived what he had told her time was
The thought dried as a bus pulled up, doors open
She climbed quickly onto the platform
The driver looking straight head, the token machine with a bag over it
She screamed as she looked all around, her shoes digging divots into the rubber mat.
Wrong bus
The driver sat there a moment
Slowly, turned his neck to look at her, and remove the CASH bag.
The doors closed and he drove the bus down the street
She never sat down, but stayed there in the door
Until the driver stopped before the entrance to a park
She leaped off. Straight away into a construction hole.
She looked around at her disheveled state and then up

He was standing there, coat still concealing the riding crop
He never looked at. But at all the street walks and then walked away
She crawled out of the hole and began to chase after him
The dark cloud was coming but she knew it not
She was crying, shouting, trying to fix her attire, but he walked on
No looking, she reached out for him only to notice her feet
She was wearing red bricks
She made an embarrasses smile and want to point to the bricks being her delay
He never noticed but only walk on
She took several steps after him, but the red bricks changed to bags of sand
She dragged them after her trying to reach him but he never noticed
Her shoes changed to skates and her feet went in two directions
They now had steam train wheels on them rolling on a hill
She reached for him crying and begging but he never noticed
Her feet now had swim fines and the worked best in the wet storm sewer
She caught up with him and reached out to stop him
He kept waking, but her feet were now in 7” shiny leather boots
And her body naked
The was at her feet a razor and she saw she was naked save for the boots
She was sobbing as she took the razor and tended to her crotch and legs until all the fine hairs were removed
They appeared on the sidewalk in a small pile with ants working to carry them off
And she looked up to thee the walk rolling up a hill and he was standing there at the lop
Looking back down at her
Barely shaking his head
She got p to rush to his side
She was in her room
She was going to be late
He would be waiting for her
The consequences could never be measured by her


Posted on 06/23/2020
Copyright © 2021 Steven Craig

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