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Authority Figurines

by Nancy Ames

Somewhere (parallel dimensions)
it stands, gracefully gathering dust
(wispy) on an old man`s marble
mantelpiece (he died).

But this one (bogus) can display
no bygone beauty, all the shapes
it takes are awkward, ugly, and
inhuman, its only super-power is
to trivialize, to try to turn this
great glorious galloping globe into
something bite-size.

Under any increasing pressure (or
strain) every humanoid structure,
its solid plastic (yet flexible) skull
or any disjointed bone, segment of
spine, ankle, or artificial arm can
break off (plausibly deniable) and
float away, free (yes, free) in cyber
zero gravity.

And it has all of course been
scientifically designed as a sort of
enforced theoretic and cybernetic
incarnation of an oxymoronic form
of psychology (sad but angry, fierce
but heart-broken) in one more of
these inane, tedious and hellish,
world-shattering and disastrous
(failed) attempts to forcefully unify
the diametrically opposed forces of
Compassion and Power.

This over-excited shape or shadow
or indistinct (imaginary) image of
a being exists to adore the perfected
circle (happy face?) well, anyway this
false (deceptive) glamour-glow of
that artificial light-bulb bubble (you
can call it a void) of hollow echoing
nothingness supposedly intended now
to eternally rule over this nobody of
a cyber nonentity of a robot-rebel (or
rebel-robot) they are now trying
to tell us is their most life-like
and award-winning asset.

But you know, you all knew that day
at the lake in the mountains, knew
that what its smug and sneering smile
really means is that only when we
have absolutely nothing left will it
finally leave us (the fuck) alone.

And suddenly (look at it!) the plastic
skin-tight face on the no-thing starts
to stop its silly smirking as it slowly
turns, its eyes like silvery or polished
metal marbles, and it stares, trembling
all over... but listen, there is a strange
noise, a vibration or hum or buzzing
sound something like rattlesnakes make,
and does it maybe understand now how
to avoid a void? (yes? no?) No... oh...
no... no... no... No!

Robot rebel, rebel robot
wants to be what it is not
is not is not is not is not,
robot rebel, rebel robot,
wants to be a polyglot,
robot rebel, rebel robot
wants to think a plastic thought,
plastic thought will never rot,
plastic thought like mommy bought


Author's Note: "The basic egghead fallacy, the fallacy of liberalism which makes it in practice so destructive a force, is, it seems to me, that it implies the possibility of achieving imaginative ends by the exercise of the will. Actually, these two - the will and the imagination, or, to put it another way, power and love - are in conflict. They pull in opposite directions, and cannot, without the most disastrous consequences, be harnessed together." Malcolm Muggeridge, 1966

Posted on 02/17/2020
Copyright © 2022 Nancy Ames

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