Looking Over the Shoulder

by Steven Craig


Here you are

An intelligent woman with dominating introspection that can put to words the wisps of emotions and make of them tendons for your very existence.

You feel so intensely first as you write that hidden private code that so few others dare to see there.

And you think in private how ordinary you are in the world, that so many are the same and have moments that make the universe change.

The real world is always different, for when you are at the pinnacle of substance and emotional understanding to stand above the top one percent it comes sooner or comes later it is a lonely place to be.

I am not saying that you and I are alike but as I lived and grew I had my perceived joys and lofty expectations for my future as well as those I met. I wrote many words of prose and humor and even darkness to express myself, and created one or two things that changed the course of human history. I felt that if the world were a willow I could shake it until its roots were released from the soil.

Yet for the more simple. No prize brought the smile I sought or the happy tear that was the matter melted in the core of my life.

It is a fact that those around and outside often see something more significant that you and when they tell you you may state How Can This Be

I knew a family in the coal mining mountains of West Virginia who likened themselves to witches. They would see you and talk to you and tell you your future and some would even tell you your past.

None of that matters until you reach the end stages of your life and reflect on its meanings.

I feel you will also go that path and take your chances as you spin the sun each day out of your life for another night.

I will not be there when it happens

But I wonder if you too will find that none of the fluff of scholastic and moral and emotional greatness will come to what a simple constant and true smile would have meant each one of those days.


Posted on 12/17/2019
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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