The Snow is Coming

by Steven Craig

The snow was coming

So cold and so very deep

She woke one day, many years on from when she made that fateful decision
She woke to find the world as cold and dark now as it was then

It was a moments awareness that in her life, for everything she thought she had done with it mattered not
She had forsaken the true love of her life, the one loyalty that never questioned her, the one reason for existence, the one moment truly hers

She had wanted to make of her life a palace that none could rival and love fit not into it at all
She woke that day to find that what she had calculated and reasoned out in finite detail was not but her own illusion

The snow was coming

The world and all that mattered swept by her and all others like her who thought to make of it their own universe

How could it have taken such a shape and emptied into a pitiless ocean of lifes end
How did she grow to become this wreck standing on the street corner where it all began

And where it all ended

Realization of what was and all that was lost is a harsh burden to carry by anyone

To be the one there that must suddenly accept the error and the corruption is more than any word can express in its sadness

And now there was no longer any chance to start over, or to regain the threshold of life she had held once in her hands and discarded as dust in the wind

Life takes it revenge in the most painful bites off the hanging carcass and never forgets the cause or the reason why

She was aware that the snow was coming, to lay softly upon her and all her memories, never to melt away in her human lifetime

The snow was coming.


Author's Note: We have all known someone like this. I knew mine.

Posted on 10/22/2019
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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