ambivalent eyes closed remote uncontrol

by Matthew Sharp

So many humans Being replicated upon like a lawn covered in trash And im only a blade of grass bending in the wind Slow to give in I know why the wind blows Holes in our soul like no remote control
Forced to approach the whole
So get up and go nowhere for Nothing
Thank you momma for the prayers is it yours or theirs?
You improvise on a dime every time the repetitive structure destroys itself in the presence of the present the fire of divinity is only a perspective spiritual? But its only a label are you able to see through the words the roots of the perspective protrude from the collective from there I erect it but it just disappeared its weird animal sneer when the predators near rising above the beautiful instinctual cycles so I rifle through a whole light full of connections all words references that lie on a chart maybe its art maybe it falls apart every time I try to start maybe im blinded by a big heart
I never dream I never mind im so free I know im going to die soon I love you get better wishing all a speedy recovery instant discovery imprints clutter me another me created paradoxically when all thoughts abated im sorry tomorrow turned into yesterday im sorry the habits like a magnet sticks even when the polarity flips the duality was just joking now the ego stroking pet broken left open words and perspectives! I purge the collective til im all alone and it starts to set in if I only had a friend against the grain to cause healthy pain for the hopeless insane… as so many are.
I pursue the truth and so far… you can be anything you want except for what you are
The obnoxious paradox unlocks and it all just stops…


Author's Note:

Posted on 04/08/2019
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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