the eternal connoisseur of perpetuality

by Matthew Sharp

He thought he was so creative.
That is, when he stopped to think.
Which was not very often.
Though he would convince them otherwise.
He would say "all words are just noisy lies I improvise".
Improvisational obviousness, instinctual knowledge.
Honor your ancestors all the way back to fuzz on the side of a rock at the bottom of the sea! "That was yesterday" he would say.
Ive never met someone with so many concepts.
When we where 12 he tried to convince me of an omniverse where all possible universe exist. The more plausible ones closer than the far fetched.
Get it? "Far fetched, you have to travel further to fetch them."
Some loved him, some shunned him.
I love my twin brother Matthew though we are nothing alike.
I knew I would have to watch over him the rest of our lives.
The friends he did have looked up to him in a way that made him uncomfortable.
I always tried to tell him "other people do not think like you, be more cautious".
He would pretend to believe me until it was his turn to speak again, "Mark, people are like limbs on the same tree but were on the same branch like we both have one leg in the same pair of pants.

I knew I would spend the rest of my life watching out for my brother Mark.
I would constantly use words and phrases seldomly heard on t.v. or social media.
I would create limericks knowing they would stick, "when you pretend to be something the pretending fades away before the something does, leaving a blind representation of what the intention of the pretending was."
When he would repeat it back to me years later I would reply: "Thats a nice transparent blindfold you have there Mark, nice to know you can see through the dark".
My behavior was becoming of me. Expected.
It was intentional. I think...
timeless intentions do not change.


Author's Note: an excerpt

Posted on 12/05/2018
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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