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In the Shadow of an Elm

by Brian Francis

Remembering days when summer’s heated fields
Called with a beckoning song
When fires burned within, hotter than the sun’s rays
Having long since banked my coals
I now seek the shade and shelter of natures might
Resting while the young prepare their memories
I sit reminiscing of long hair and righteous rebellion
Inspired by the bards of a new age

The chords and tempos of those new electric Sounds
Competing with the comfortable rhythms
And long loved sequined strummers of our soul’s strings
Hee-Hawing evenings gathered around the box
Watching the battle for the heart of a nation
The recurring images of green clad soldiers serving
Bleeding, dying -- while hippies danced sublime
Augmented by altered realties

Radio stations broadcast the political rally cries of song
“What would you do?” and they hadn’t a clue
As they sang out the songs catchy strains
Puff’s magic proclaimed by Jimmy Papers so named
Because with a twist the wrap became magic
Them there drinking their beer us with a twist over there
Television America’s view at the collective mirror
Our sins and intentions on constant display

There were nightmares too in those younger days
Times of tears and great mourning sorrow
A president fell, a King did as well truly a national pain
When Bobby was called and the tears near ran dry
Waiting still for the last name on the black wall to die
As dishonor was cast on their service returning home
They gathered together among wars gallant souls
To remember and remind us all who we were.


Posted on 07/16/2018
Copyright © 2020 Brian Francis

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