Welcome to Walmart

by Thomas K. Hunt

There's nothing I can do but greet smiles all the day
Hang on to my left side while my right gives way
I'd pinch myself but I bruise to the touch
Have a nice day and thank you so much

I'm finally here
Yes I got by
It seems I just blinked my eyes
Life has played with my mind
Life has taken up all my time

I can't lift my right foot up
My left side works just fine
My right side's sort of stuck
I use my left now all the time

From my head down to my toenails
there's no balance between the rails
I can always count on my left side
My right side always fails

Now the pain in my back doesn't take side
I have a slight little limp that I can't hide
I've always known my left from my right
I know, look at me I'm a dreadful sight

This isn't exactly what I had planned
At least for now I can still stand
I was equally strong on my left and right
Something went wrong now it's a constant fight

Excuse me while I move around in this chair
I'm trying to find the spot over here or over there
I'm running out of comfortable positions
Believe me it's a mission

I've never been one to complain
Don't get me started when it starts to rain
It's no myth, it's not a lie
Old age can become painful in the blink of any eye

I never thought that I was old enough
I blinked my eyes and I turned to rust
I always thought I had plenty of time
This is real, it's not just in my mind

Don't get me wrong I knew it would happen
It was all a matter of time
I may walk with a limp but I'm no gimp
It's all in my frame of mind

I can still party with the best
I just need a longer rest
Give me one day, two days maybe three
I may need more cause I'm never pain free

You're never too old, now that's a laugh
I only take showers
I can't get out of the bath
The hair from my temples is coming out my ears
I did't think this shit would happen for a few more years

There's nothing I can do but smile and greet them on thier way
Hang on to my left side while my right gives way
I'd pinch myself but I bruise to the touch
Have a nice day and thank you very much

Remember I said It was all a matter of time?
I never thought it would happen in the blink of an eye
Here I am my older self
I used to be the one that stocked the shelfs

I closed my eyes and opened them right away
I looked and had to look away
There was an old man staring back at me
He's now the greeter that he has to be

I know for certain you just turn around
and blink your eyes and it all goes down
Now's the time I shouldn't need more
I'm a left handed greeter at the door


Posted on 02/11/2018
Copyright © 2018 Thomas K. Hunt

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