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by Anne Di Baguette

love is a bigmouth bass

and we’re grinning wide grins, slapping

each other’s backs cause, well shit,

she’s a monster and you hooked her


so you get to hold up the line with your

cynical curved steel smiling pronged

razor barb pierced and protruding near

the left bulging, rolling golden eye, hold her up


shoulder high for the photo, oblivious to

gaping lips silently mouthing some

ancient message of acquiesce or

warning, who the hell knows,


but damn she’s pretty, so suddenly it all was

worth it, the icy predawn loneliness,

the waiting, the empty reel flip cast, the stolen bait,

the waiting


days from now you’ll brag to buddies, embellish

each writhing thrash, we’ll wink over

your prowess, beg your method trying

hard not to choke on mouthfuls of dirt

laughing about plastic worms and

buzz bait, they go for it every time


months from now associates will nod, staring enviously

through upturned bottles at such a fine wall trophy,

shuffling uncomfortably, boxer-brief egos

grown too tight from gluttonous complacency


years from now you’ll blame her for

the dust she’s gathered, glare into

glass vacant eyes wondering

what you ever saw in her



Author's Note: Cynical look at relationships

Posted on 12/01/2017
Copyright © 2022 Anne Di Baguette

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by George Hoerner on 12/01/17 at 09:12 PM

I've never known much about relationships, did I spell it write? I've always loved to fish, but never felt I could point a gun at a living thing pull the trigger, strange. Like that is killing but fishing is not..? Just as we make ourselves believe that other things we think are true! Just try to remember when it comes back at you from a friend or worse a loved one. I did like the poem. All else is just my 'bs'. Take care.

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