by Deborah Breuer

There was a simple woman. Simple, yes. But fierce. Only the bravest, suitors endeavored to court her. First, there was the war hero. Romantic notions of romanticism swept the woman off her feet. At first. But the hero had romantic notions of womanhood, too. Parameters that restricted this fierce woman. It was their undoing. Simply, this woman could not be boxed in.

Then, it was the artist. He too, was romantic. Overtly. But only about his muse and his art. As artists tend to do, he lost appreciation for his muse. Not the art. The woman wondered, simply, “How did this happen?” It simply occurred to her, that she’d never have an answer.

As the fierceness of this simply damaged woman boiled just below the surface with every breath, she stared into the eyes of life and marched on with simple integrity.

Finally, a simple man, damaged, as she was, saw the fierce heart of this simple woman. And brave he was, for he engaged her fierce heart to live life without limits. What he offered was simple. In his courtship, he offered something no one else had. Friendship without fear.

Simply fierce, in stride. They lived the road purposed only for the bravest. The one less traveled. But she simply could not help it. As they marched on, fiercely, this simple woman, prone to taking the road less traveled herself, was quite impressed.

In time, it was simply life. True. And Simple. And they continued to march. Until much time had passed. Simply. Then, it happened. He simply was her hero. And they simply were, soldiers of life. And as their walls fell, brick by brick, on they marched. Simply. And when there were no more walls to tear down, the simple man, fierce of heart, knew the simple truth. The truth, simple as it may be, that she had known for an amount of time. A length of time that was, true to form, less simple.

So, knowing what was so simple to any who beheld this truth, he fiercely went to her. She simply took that leap of faith. A leap that faired no footing to land upon. She simply had faith that she could fly.

And fly they do. Over boundaries and bricks. Soaring together. Simply. Loving.


Posted on 11/28/2017
Copyright © 2018 Deborah Breuer

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