Another view of Jack the Wonder Dog

by Steven Craig

Jack the dog lays in the middle of the room
Nose pressed deep into the carpet
To reduce his personal visibility
Perhaps he will not be noticed at all

Hard to hide a black lab

He looks from his low aspect for any morsel hitting the floor
Any crumb or drop or spill will be his
He lays there unmoving, looking, waiting
Thinking that at any moment will be action stations

The moments pass into dusk
Job’s patience shrouds him with anticipation
He must be observant, and he must be quick
He has three other competitors

Dogs have no companions when it comes to food
They are constantly at war with the black ant
That arrived long before the black lab
But then, dogs do not count such things

Black ants are curious, for they do not recognize family
Large, small, or any size, all compete
But is it for food, or is it for the queen
There are so many, it may not matter.

But high, high up, on the counter top,
It is a different dynamic
For there they see the food, and having no fear
Race for it in endless circles of hunger.

The hungriest ant of all is the yellow ant
Malnutrition makes his body jaundice
They suffer from being hard to see
And are often smashed underfoot while underfeed.

The yellow ant is the scary ant, afraid of what is around him
Being undernourished likely makes him that way.
Poor Vision, Poor health, poor cross country performance, poor sex life.
Lets face the facts, yellow ants are just plain yellow.

And the red ant takes advantage, oh most certainly
The reds are the all powerful of the ant world
They sting, they bite, and they broadcast false pheromones
And what could possibly be worse than false pheromones

Except RAID!

No product made by man carries the terror of a nest sprayed with RAID!
RAID! Made large scale picnics and weddings possible.
Before RAID!, ants ruled in their billions
And now, you can drive down any Interstate highway and not see a single ant

Not so their first cousins, the hornets, wasps, bees, and other ‘ants’ that took to wing
They fly everywhere looking for food, shelter, picnics and wedding cakes
They shelter right near your home and never have a fear.
For they swarm in uncounted numbers just as the ants should have done.

Ever stand eyeball to eyeball with a hornet?
Ever tried to see beyond the anger and hate they have for you
Just so you could understand their reality
That the true anger is held for ants.

The black ant scurries across the rug with his prize to join his mates
The black labs slices with his tongue to catch and swallow both ant and crumb.
And resumes his place hiding in the carpet.
Black labs never count the days or the ants…


Posted on 10/13/2017
Copyright © 2023 Steven Craig

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