Bad Luck

by Thomas K. Hunt

The wind just took my last dollar bill
I'll never see it again
No, I never will
Now I'm down to my last dime
Just ten cents and all this time

You know what they say about bad luck
It's an old cliche I recall
If it wasn't for bad luck
I wouldn't have any luck at all

I stepped on a nail
I spent the night in jail
I've got a hole in my roof
I broke off another tooth

I've been thrown to the wolves
I've been put up on a shelf
It's hard to be me when I'm always someone else
I worked all week and now the man won't pay
I asked him twice and he said go away

I pulled a muscle when I tripped over a pail
Opposite the foot that took the nail
Saw the love of my life and had nothing to say
I just stood there frozen in total dismay

I hit my head on my car door
I've never done that before
This was no accident
This is bad luck for sure

I slipped on the stairs and fell back down
You should have heard it when I hit the ground
I skinned my knee and yes I did bleed
This is the kind of luck I just don't need

I thought I'd relax and take a shower
The damn soap got in my eyes
They're still stinging and it's been over an hour
The lights went out about a week ago
When the sun goes down it gets too damn cold

They came and took my car today
They made their move when I looked the other way
I knew it was comming when there was nothing more
It was right there just outside my door

I'm down in the dumps what more can I say
I'd love to leave but I just can't pay
I need to leave but I can't pay the toll
For some good luck I'd sell my soul

I've got a penny in my pocket
It was heads up when I found it
I'm hoping for a change of luck today
With my luck the wind will take my penny away


Author's Note: Lyric

Posted on 10/07/2017
Copyright © 2018 Thomas K. Hunt

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