Anything Can Happen

by Thomas K. Hunt

Anything can happen
Anything at all
You're best to sit down before you fall

There's a distraction outside my door
I politely asked them not to come here any more
They all looked at me and smiled
Now they're out there running wild

I slid my headphones in to drowned out the sound
I sat in the silence and wrote this down
Here's a little something I came up with tonight
It all just came to me as I started to write

There's been only one road to follow
It's brought me here today
I often bite off more than I can swallow
It's always been this way

I grabbed at life the best I could
I've always tried and I knew I would
There's so much love surrounding me
Without it all I wouldn't be

It's hard to look back because I've come so far
I've always been one to follow the stars
There were curves and bumps along the way
But here I am, sitting here today

I'm at a restop as I sit here and write
The same restop I write from every night
I park my car just outside the door
As long as I'm here I'll keep writing more

Images of the faces that live in my heart
Speacial ones from the place I got my start
Memories of reckless nights
Creating foolish dares
Lost in the fun without a care
I thank the lord that I was there

Covered by the blanket of innocence
You have to lose it to feel the heat
Never sure of when to let go
When you lose it then you'll know

God, how we laughed as I think back
It hurt so much it made us cry
We laughed so hard we thought we would die
Smiling while wiping tears from our eyes

Thoughts overload and just fall out
It's hard to know what it's all about
What ever comes to mind
It works the same way every time

I'm at a restop on the side of my road
Rememberng things that I was told
Resting my time
Writing down rhymes
Do you believe it? , yes I'm that old
I look good for my age
At least that's what I'm told

Did I say anything can happen?
I'm so gtrateful you're still reading at this point
I just stepped outside and smoked another joint
This usually makes something happen
The words just seem to flow
I hope you'll enjoy the words laid down right here down below

I use my minds eye more than most I'm sure
Too many others find thiers is a blur
They can't see straight
They only believe what they've heard
To know the truth they haven't heard a word

You have this special eye in the center of your mind
I use mine all the time
Projecting images seen only with my eye
They're mine alone and I'll take them when I die

I see visions of Elizabeth Ellen
I see her often in my mind
Her warm soft smile just behind my eyes
Some visions of her always make me cry
"Goodnight Elizabeth" I think of Em now every time

I see faces of friends that helped me grow
Helped me become the man that you know
All smiling with lives of their own
Family and friends and pictures of home

I see deep forest green with slivers of light
I see the moon over the river on a cool autumn night
I see clouds drifting across the soft moonlight
They follow each other than they fade out of sight

My minds eye puts on this display
and it has a very large eray
There's something different every day
I myself, I have no say

I'm still down here below
If you couldn't tell I want you to know
There're so many times the words just flow
and I'm still not sure of what diection to go

Anything can happen
Now it's happening again
Time away from a long lost friend
A memory fading with my history
Never to be seen again


Author's Note: Lyric

Posted on 09/24/2017
Copyright © 2022 Thomas K. Hunt

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Rebecca Andre on 09/26/17 at 08:46 PM

Really enjoyed this, would love to hear it sung.

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