Luna's Grace

by Thomas K. Hunt

The moon is shining on the other side of my tree
Through its branches moon rays shine on me
I'm blessed by Luna's grace tonight
Her gentle glow covering the night

She'll play with your imagination
She's mysterious and cold
She'll guide you across the river
She will never grow old

She'll turn pink and blue it's not because of you
It's just mother nature playing games
She changes her hues to amuse
It's still Luna
She's still the same

She's as old as the sun
They both started day one
When the sun goes down
Luna comes around

You'll feel the comfort in her light
Like a velvet soft, blanketing the night
Two souls sharing face to face
Sit and dream under Luna's grace

I search for her on cloud covered nights
I know she's out there
She's just out of sight
That's not the case right here tonight
The sky is clear and she's shining bright

I've been blessed by her light
I want to share it tonight
Here with you sharing your space
Under the light of Luna's grace

If you're ever in a dark and lonely place
step outside into Luna's grace
She'll be smiling from beyond her glow
You'll see her light and automatically know

Luna shares the night with the stars
Casting shadows over some of the scars
You'll never hide them in the light of day
Under the grace of Luna some fade away

So clear your mind
Throw your sadness out the door
You have to search to find
Is there really something more?

Go on and step outside it's not a chore
You'll see her light and so much more
Then something's going to happen to you
There won't be anything you can do
but put a smile on your face
with your face in the light of Luna's grace

The moon is shining on the other side of my tree
Luna's light seeping through the holes in the leaves
Moves across my face like a pendulum keeping time
As a gentle breeze blows as I lay back and rest my mind


Posted on 06/18/2017
Copyright © 2022 Thomas K. Hunt

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