Those Brownies Were Good

by Thomas K. Hunt

It's a whole different high and I don't know why
It's a totally different kind of buzz
Nothing like it is when I smoke it

They take a while to kick in
Then you get that first grin
Saying goodbye to all my worries
I baked brownies again

I mixed up a batch with some of my tash
The aroma filled the air
I couldn't wait to get them out of there
The timer went off and I carefully reached in
Placed them on a cooling rack
Let them cool for a long five minutes
and then I never looked back

I ate one right away but there was a delay
So I swallowed down another right away
Still some time went by with no reaction
So I ate one more for some kind of action
I thought I felt something kicking in
To help it along I ate one more again

Excuse me if I don't get up
I'm here in the corner sitting like a stump
I do remember one important fact
Four is my number
I'm gone after that

They're warm and sweet to the taste
They for sure won't go to waste
Four is my number and five's not allowed
When I eat number five I take a ride in the clouds

I'd forgotten how good they could be
What could be easier than this recipe?
If I was a baker
I'd bake every day
The smell from the aroma would just carry me away
I'd sing all day right out loud
Remembering four is my limit
Five's not allowed

I think I will become a baker
Specializing in just brownies every day
Brownies made several ways
Changing flavors every day
Warm and chewy and time controlled
There's even one named rocky road

If you want to keep a smile on your face
Just eat one and you'll fall right into place
Lay your head back and enjoy your mind
You may eat another at any given time
When you get up around three
Your mind begins to clear and you can truly see

You may have as many as you want
Just remember four's a good place to stop
After four you better hold on tight
You'll be on the ground flying on a five brownie night

Think it through, is number four for you?
Maybe just three will do?
Two can be enough if one won't do
One makes you do something we all need to do
Smile at each other the whole day through
Nice and mellow just me and you

The smell alone always brings a smile
I still sneak five once and a while
They taste so good like I knew they would
All I can say is, "Damn!, those brownies were good"


Posted on 03/19/2017
Copyright © 2018 Thomas K. Hunt

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