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Deep In The Constellation Of Euphoria...

by Tom Goss

Deep In The Constellation Of Euphoria, Two Planets Are Gravitationally Bound

Like the first rays of an eager summer morning,
whispers emerge like soothsaying snakes from the enchanting corners
of your monumentally inviting mouth.

Fistfuls of dreams suddenly burst into being
as our exploring fingers begin to trace
the electromagnetic fields that define our yearning bodies.

Lightning manifests from the heavy mist of our breath,
stormy eyes flash in the half-light as the thunderous cadence
of our twin galloping hearts gathers to a deafening crescendo.

Oh how the unbridled swirl of our minds
suffuses each moment of connection
with a joyful dizziness that ebbs and flows
like waves lapping against the shore,

as ancient landscapes rise and fall
our tectonic love explodes into being,
shattering the blue ceiling of the heavens,
then toppling back into the riotous sea.

In the moment before we kiss we become fragments of sky,
gracefully descending from the top of the world,
gliding down on the heartening crosswinds of hope
as the verdant meadows of the Earth begin to reveal
the splendid bouquet of radiant flowers that await us below.

The sun shimmers in heavy anticipation
as we oscillate to the hypnotic rhythm
of the spectrum of wavelengths responsible
for bringing so many colors into startling fruition.

As our lives unite,
our strides strengthen
and the jigsaw puzzle of dreams finally coalesces
into a stunning fortress of togetherness,
a flag flying high above the parapets
in a comforting galactic kingdom
that shall forever be a dazzling shelter:
our own eternal planet of heavenly bliss.


Posted on 07/07/2016
Copyright © 2021 Tom Goss

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