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The "L" from ...

by Dorian Black

He spelled the word, "Love" with the capital "L",
that He stole from "Lost."
"Pass the glass" is what she said,
through cadaverous, dead,
glass glazed eyes
that seemed to magnify
every pixelated
shattered lie.

Yet, do not defy!
He only pulls away from
loving touches long enough
for you to question why,
and he'll reply
that it's because he needed
to be far enough away to clarify;
to more properly see the ocean of your eye.

Fishing hooks and crannies
will do the devil's work around him,
but he doesn't play hide and seek anymore.
Once he learned the score
would never be even
he did whatever it was he could do
to just break even.
Changing with the seasons
in more clever diseases
than a chameleon
doing everything to please her.

Don't mistake the man
that never moves his lips;
he's putting work in with every vowel
he can't enunciate.
Trying to participate in a double sided fate
with a woman that that will never appreciate
the time and effort put into his Morse code
love letter.

He knows that he will get better,
once he can free himself of the muzzle,
latched to his jaw by memory
his never-ending enemy.
And once he shatters the glass
of her cold dead eyes,
his glass jaw will learn compromise
without a cold floor.

No more conformity
or slow dance with "Royalty,"
(the princess never knew she was drinking spoiled tea)
he'll learn to spell, "Love" with a Capital "L"
given to him for his "Loyalty."


Author's Note: Not sure that I'm fond of this one, but it was written, and now is shared.

Posted on 01/29/2014
Copyright © 2022 Dorian Black

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by George Hoerner on 01/30/14 at 10:08 PM

For what its worth I like this one.

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