Midsummer Dream

by Thomas K. Hunt

All at once, I'm at the legion
I shared some photos from my phone
Surrounded by familiar faces
I knew that I was home
Down the street, I saw a long lost friend
He was standing in front of Pearls
Dressed like a crossing guard
With his head all full of curls
Like he looked in his younger years
He got real small in the rearview mirror
We packed into the hybrid
Little ones filled the back seat
A band played in the distance
We just cruised down the street
We ended at the river's edge
Surveyed the damage from the storm
We climbed back up a muddy hill
Packed in that hybrid once more
All at once, I'm back in the green
Strange surroundings, nothing I've to see
I see a vision on a screened-in porch
A woman in her motherhood
She was glowing as she held a torch
Just like a loving mother would
That's something that I never got to see
That's something that still haunts me
For that moment, I was so confused
Am I where I should be?
Is this the light I've been searching for?
Is she holding that torch for me?
Some things are not fixable
They break and just stay broke
I quietly just turned over
That's when I awoke

It was just a midsummer dream
Things are not what they seem
I'm back to reality
I woke up back to me
Yeah, none of that was real
I wonder how I really feel?
Am I dreaming a dream I want to be real?
I've never had this dream before
But I've had so many more
It's just another midsummer dream

Next one, I'll be swimming upstream
I close my eyes, and I just dream
What do they all mean?
These midsummer dreams
They take me away in the middle of the night
They get me back just before daylight
They take me to times
Some times I haven't seen yet
I remember the dreams I'll never forget
So vivid still, to this time
They play like reruns in my mind
I just added another show
It's the middle of summer
I have another half to go
Please, tell me what they all mean
In some, I've even screamed
Fact or fiction it's a mystery to me
These midsummer dreams

I've had some nightmares
I've awakened in a cold sweat
Some have been really pleasant
Some you could even call wet
I close my eyes, and I'm already there
I just had this dream I'm willing to share
Things are never what they seem
In these midsummer dreams


Posted on 08/31/2013
Copyright © 2022 Thomas K. Hunt

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