by Steven Craig

Your mind lives where your body takes it.
You live to have life be intense
You live to be intense in your life
You need to know intensity in all its forms

For You live to give intensely
As much as receive that intensity
Due that to a simple fact
You are at your best enduring intensity.

Have you not noticed the quiet chain wrapping about your ankles
Have you missed the relentless hold of its length
Have you not felt your mind ensnared and brought to heel
Teased by virtues that are in words alone.

Bondage is in the leather and the rope
And it is binding your heart tightly
With hope and joy
Of having to wait to know the next written word.

Your mind is shrouded, hooded, blinded to all else
Arms and legs motionless, helpless, useless from now on
You are poisoned to all that fail the measure
Of being the word spoken you need to obey.

Your skin is redden beyond any lashing
Your heart sees to it with its thrill controlled
Blood red as the stars you flush with a different feeling
Finding a moments fulfillment in reading my prose.

Why was it so long missing,
Why was it so long ignored
That a few words written for you alone
Made your needs ready to surrender.

I know the reason, I know the cause
I have seen the lust in your smile
The empty grip around your fingers
A neck barren of her molded Capricorn.

Can anything be more intense in your life now
Can anything clutch you more securely
Can anything else be said that see you to your knees
Is there more to this life that the prose opened to your mind.



Posted on 01/05/2012
Copyright © 2023 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 01/06/12 at 03:02 PM

Your concept of intensity is fascinating, and it certainly makes for great poetry.

Posted by LK Barrett on 01/06/12 at 04:38 PM say much, about the subject and yourself. I wonder, will she hear it? Subspace and negotiating a new power exchange is a great metaphor-although less metaphor than reality here, I think. LK

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