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A Duet Of Bittersweetness Sung By The Spider and Snake

by Tom Goss

As the rabbits of indifference nibbled away
at the pansies of our shared dreams,
I foresaw the sorrowful melting
of your ice-sculpted form.

Like a storm of liquid flowers
I pressed the delicate imprint
of your dripping visage into meandering skies.

And now,
as the gravitons obliviously stream by
(whispering, wailing, wandering)
I am an asteroid-slug crashed into an enormous moon:
my life-force smeared in thin dusty reminiscence
across the memory-drenched foothills of the heart-torn.

When the jackal's grisly grin crouches
like a mountainous cat,
a flush of neon purple wings scintillates
against the harsh metal vibrations
of this sinuous mind-cage.

As the anvil of time drops ever lower
down this ineffable gravity slide
we violently gorge on planetary mass.

As our eyelashes flutter and flicker
towards the infinitesimal Planck length
we contemplate the insane quantum jitters
that force thin metal plates together
even in the darkest depths of space.

As this mind effervesces and this chest heaves and surges,
I see the snakes of absence shifting fitfully underground.

As consciousness whips serpentine swirls
into the wake of these iron heartbeats,
this towering bunker of sentience is
swallowed and regurgitated into
a sea of kaleidoscopic anguish.

I feel the serpents of absence
shifting fitfully underground.

Once more this icy carbon mind clumsily stumbles
across the ghostly tripwire of her eyes,
releasing sunspots that slither into every smoldering ruin of the past,
where every shadow dances with the devastating intent of a bifurcated tongue.

Yet out of this brutal singularity of deprivation
I am reborn as the Entropy King.

For eons I held onto the velvet hammer of her smile,
walking the righteous path.

But now I can wait no longer:

I stalk the immutable gray with spider legs
that stretch across the universal horizon.

My web shimmers as I emerge
as a two-dimensional hologram
of filigreed space-strands.

I stalk the immutable gray with spider legs
that stretch across the universal horizon.

As I inject crippling poison
into the cheeks of space-time:
I rise in anger to destroy us all.

Crush the mind
and you crush the sky.

Crush the mind
and you crush the sky.


Author's Note: Please check out my new book! ;)>

Posted on 12/13/2011
Copyright © 2024
Tom Goss

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Jody Pratt on 12/13/11 at 05:29 PM

Unique and fantastic. What more could be said?

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 12/14/11 at 09:01 PM

The infinite and strange is alive and well in your work. Absolutely stunning.

Posted by Lori Blair on 12/14/11 at 11:50 PM

I must agree with Gabe! Most fantastic work and what else can I say to equal in words what this work says? Brilliant!

Posted by Linda Fuller on 12/15/11 at 01:45 AM

Teeming with lush imagery; I'm particularly struck by "I feel the serpents of absence shifting fitfully underground."

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