There was an olde Woman

by Steven Craig

There was an olde Woman
who lived in a shoe
who had so many lovers
she did not know what to do

So she sold the shoe
and moved to Nebraska
where there were no lovers
but no shoes either

She lived near what should be a river
in hopes of catching fish
without a net
but lost the edge when she saw
there was only sand
and sand fish have not yet evolved
and even so
their fins would be grainy
and hard to eat

So she moved
to a volcano
to keep warm
in the long winter

When the river would have frozen
but the river was one of lava
and burned the sandy fish fins
and curled her hair
and made her miss all the lovers
that she never knew what to do ... with

So then when the volcano simmered some
she took up smoking
an easy thing to do
near volcanoes

She enjoyed the sweet scent of burnt olives
from all the drinks she had found
she needed when
the volcano was so hot
but that was then
and now is now
and she is moving again
with expectations of writing
more next weekend.

When sober.


Posted on 11/29/2011
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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