Caught up in things

by Jim Benz

the mind wanders

out through our eyes, a thing
amongst things / at the command

of words / blind to itself / it radiates

from a self / this world
of immanence
& ideality / its upheavals & turbulence

become ciphers
of the visible / a texture
of Being

// exhaled //

inside a space / of vision
& movement

of humans who speak
from a pre-spatial / world, intertwined

in the roots of being
this texture
between a hand / & another hand

not contained / a spectacle
of nothing
moving / but self-moving
it ignores

what is unknown / & we awaken
to an echo of bodies

the voices of light, soil
beneath our feet / shifting

& repeating

"we are the inside / of the outside / touching"


as a question
not of lines (there is no border
visible in itself) but the mind

enters these lines
as they pass / through us

& surround us / we see / but there is
no actual awakening
to hold / suspended / transformed

in a thought

this world
that demands things / of things

that are not in themselves / things
the plural x
of our operations / to substantiate

we enter into a reversibility
of dimensions

into a cultural regime / a thickness
of meaning

reduced to a set / of techniques
& data / a plane
that cannot be assigned


radiates onto a map
of the visible / transforms

a world / into things
where there is neither truth
nor falsehood

& no enigma
but that of the blinding
light / of visibility

forming shadows / a reflection / opened up
& so quickly closed

"the mind is an instrument that moves itself”

a metaphysics / of depth
that our eyes & hands
cannot discover


Author's Note: (11/16/2011) Note to self: if you can't write, edit. Meaning, I am now a little bit happier with this sad excuse for a poem.

Posted on 08/23/2011
Copyright © 2022 Jim Benz

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Mo Couts on 08/23/11 at 01:04 PM

My favorite line "the eye is an instrument that moves itself” because that's so very true! Whether it's the eye our sight organ or the eye of our soul, we do gravitate towards things that "catch our eye" in some way or another. This is a wonderful and insightful write!

Posted by George Hoerner on 08/23/11 at 07:39 PM

I love this Jim. It almost seems to saying 'I see therefore things are'. For a few years now I have been reading things as I see them on human perception. I believe it is far more complex than most of us realize. Really nice write.

Posted by Laura Doom on 08/29/11 at 04:25 AM

pulling strings into a web that pulls strings...

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