Mary's Shadow

by Steven Craig

When you walk in the morning hours
With the sun at your back,
You see a shadow.

It is something
That you live with
Can never avoid.

There are the lucky times
When you walk in that sunshine
That you can ignore the shadow

For there are other features
In your life
To take your attention
Focus your future upon.

But you will still stumble
Even fall,
And the shadow will be there

Pulling at you
Tearing at you
Even as you drag yourself
Back towards your life.

You will
At times
Feel only cold
When there is no shadow
To be seen.

It is still there,
As long as
Your body blocks the sun light

As long as
You venture into places
That life will lead you.

It is not a failure
To have a shadow.

It is not a curse
To have a shadow.

It is not your fault
To have a shadow.

You are not a lesser person
To have a shadow.

Only thinking makes it so.

And only in that darkness,
Do you lose your happiness.


Posted on 08/17/2011
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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