by Rowan Luis

To my left on the floor in front of me is the lead singer of the band and a girl wearing bohemian clothing, smoking neatly.

Sat with them is a girl with an extremely skimpy dress on, very low cut to a v. She wears barely-black tights. She’s the only one not wearing a jumper.
I shiver and pull my woolly jumper arms over my hands.

She’s not taking her eyes off the singer and sits up on her knees and back down again, leaning backwards and forwards, smiling at him with heavy sexual eyes. She’s telling him that she’s a trainee nurse. Her face is expressive and large and clean. Her hair is in an afro and sprays out wide around her head. She looks very young.

Inbetween rocking backwards and forwards between the singers propped-up knees she explains how she has to do anal examinations at work. He’s amused and exhales sharply, looking at her chest “anal?” he manages to say and she leans back, “yeah, up the arse.” She leans forward and kneads his thighs. “We have to do breast examinations too, like this” she tries to look seductive and carries on kneading his legs. The neat bohemian girl laughs and seems to enjoy the young girl, but not in a sexual way. The singer loses interest and looks around the room for some coke. He sniffs loudly and props himself up on his elbows. He sees who he wants and shouts their name before bumbling over to them. The young girl follows.

I lean back in the armchair, watching, with no one watching me, pleased.
My eyes scan the room and they settle on someone watching me with a trace of a smile in his face. He nods at me and asks how I am. It’s the trumpeteer. He's been sat at my feet this whole time. I nod and smile and he radiates warmth and we just look at each other slowly. A hand reaches down to grab his shoulder, he turns to look up and is dragged away. I'm disappointed and relieved.

The neat bohemian girl tells me that the singer has the young girl in his phone as “No.1 Fan” we both agree that she’s embarrassing.

Later on we all try and sleep in the same room.

A girl beside me has flopped over on her knees like a baby and sleeps loudly.
Someone throws a book at a french guy snoring. Someone else shouts at the singer and the young girl who are cavorting on the sofa: “You can’t have sex in here because I don’t want to hear it!”


Posted on 05/26/2011
Copyright © 2021 Rowan Luis

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