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Aleph Chariot and the Scattered Leaves

by E. A. Pugh

a secret hid under an orchard tree
trying not to spill
a secret hid under an orchard tree
talking to itself
antsy effervescent
a secret waited
for One Eyed Joker
to come

Secret under an orchard tree
trying notto spilltalking
Secret hid under an orchard tree
antsy covered in almond petals and pistils
hoping for

A One Eyed Joker flew from the house of cards
One Eyed Joker flung into the orchard
looking for nothing in the dark
eleven flowering
almond trees deep
flipping in
flowering flowers
One Eyed Joker flipped
into the orchard
and found
Silent under almond flower petals and pistils
quietly hummingpulsing throbbing Secret
One Eyed Joker gathered Secret in bright eyed bewilderment and One Eyed Joker slung Secret into his knapsack.

“Come Secret get out of the orchard.” Said. One Eyed Joker as he flipped into the house of cards
One Eyed Joker skipped
Inside the parlor
beside the open library
One Eyed Joker placed Secret in the best oxen leather wingback chair
mid a dryer warmed cloth
One Eyed Joker covered Secret to care

then put the kettle on

Secret sat in the leather wingchair talking to itself
basking The Jokers attention Secret saw One Eye
a fool with limited intellectual

the kettle blew

One Eyed Joker went to the cupboard
to get the pretty set and brew licorice tea
a dollop of honey One Eyed Joker mixed in

in silence Secret sat in the soft oxen leather wingchair
vibrating pulses starting to stream line
One Eyed Joker went for a fresh warmed blanket to care for Secret
to swaddle in Secrets chatter and vagueness
Secret sat upon the soft leather wing chair
wrapped in a blanket beginning to
Secret sat for years waiting for One Eyed Joker to skip into the well of knowledge. to hear the chatter inside.

Wide One Eyed Joker flipped about flowered and free for many years.

Secret made friends with the learned leather Prometheus bound books in the library
wax dripping binding books.
Secret and the knowledgeable
One Eyed Joker for his chariot flowering flowers.

for years always in wide style
One Eyed Joker held out sweet liquorish tea to the Secret and the Library.

To none in the rum
did the tea taste as sweet
save for the joyful One Eyed Joker.


Author's Note: 31/30 rewrite of "Aleph" With this I switched characters the result was lots and lots of editing. I hope I was successful in replacing characters while maintaining the original rhythm and general tone.

Posted on 05/03/2011
Copyright © 2019 E. A. Pugh

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 05/03/11 at 09:01 PM

I love how wild this thing gets with style and imagery once it gets going. It really gives the ending some wonderful weight.

Posted by Anita Mac on 05/05/11 at 12:10 AM

I agree w/ Gabe. The imagery and storytelling are just amazing, but the repetition just holds it all together. Very nice!

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