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Closer to Barbie 3 and 4

by E. A. Pugh

Closer to Barbie 3

Barbie is the American woman who gets up early, Works out, is wet, make lunch, finishes laundry and kisses off to work her $100,000 a second job.
Barbie is beautiful and gets things done.
Barbie is a Doctor, a lawyer and she has been shot out a cannon.
Barbie has blasted to the back of the dresser, ridden a trip to the city dump or found herself guest of honor at the City Convention Diamond Celebration.
Barbie gleams a cute smile, sparkling eyes; she is everyone’s Gal.
Simple enough to swing from a sweaty palm dangling on a hot day to the pool with friends to swim and play on.
Barbie dives explodes and all the things we have never done.
A childhood toy Barbie rages on.
Barbie is in her mansion or pink car driving, pillow fighting, Friday night downtown cruse round Barbie rages on.
Barbie you are an American icon.
Barbie is the “be anything, go anywhere”
Barbie an “it” girl in two centuries.

Closer to Barbie 4

Barbie is a hot adult body for us to try on.
Hark, is that Joe who is full of pretence and pride.
Barbie has a man—what’s his name? Ken… no
his name is Joe.
Ken is more like a friendly neighbor
the boy who likes to play with the girls.
No, Barbie’s man is G.I. Joe; He is of the warring kind.
He went on adventures; slaughtering the Viet Cong, he is all that is masculine.
G.I Joe compliments her feminism.
Sex and violence surmise the twosome.


Author's Note: I FOUND IT ! The Closer to Barbie series was the start of my writing poetry on a regular basis. I wrote the series out of anger with writing 2 final paper topic; the selected topic I found very boring, overcooked and ripe with prejustice. Now, just to find Closer to Barbie number 2 Your critique is welcome.

Posted on 04/11/2011
Copyright © 2019 E. A. Pugh

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 04/11/11 at 09:38 PM

Very cool that you found it, because I personally can't decide which of these I like more. It may well be 4 with those wonderful jabs of humor.

Posted by Aaron Blair on 06/03/11 at 02:16 PM

Have you ever read Denise Duhamel? She wrote some very interesting poems about Barbie. As have you.

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