Witchcraft {The Power of Words}

by Richard Paez

Witchcraft {The Power of Words}

The ache in me I cannot name –
for granting names gives power:
I bequeath you,
and so I christen you,
I baptize you
in the spoken word,
the thought made verbal,
can never be un-spoken.

The ache in me I cannot share –
for once given, it can’t be taken back:
I conceive you,
and so empower you,
I enliven you
in the spoken word

the thought made visceral
is the caress unretractable.

Oh, I know I should compose myself
but I’d rather compose you –
breathe a little life in you
so you’ll breathe a little into me.

Oh, I know I should draw the line,
but I’d much rather cross it –
penetrate perimeters artificially imposed
revel unrepentant in inertia.

Oh, I know I should bite my tongue
but I need to know the taste of yours –
here and we're again engendered,
engaged, engorged at the prospect of
one touch, one taste, one consummation

     (And here I am, alive
     at the end of worlds,
     and all I can do is rejoice
     for what I do have –
     not lament what I don’t.

     And here I’ve been living
     one day at a time
     for so many days at a time
     that I can handle this –
     please don’t pull away.

     Don’t think I deserve something “better” –
     this is better than anything I’ve ever deserved.)


Posted on 03/19/2011
Copyright © 2023 Richard Paez

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Charlie Morgan on 03/19/11 at 05:35 PM

...richard, a delightful pome[sic]. w/o the title being so connotative, i.e. the general public, it is a poetic address to one who is monumentally important that it is strong.[btw i didn't miss the 'power of words' i believe that, no sales' pitch needed. a well-expressed work.

Posted by George Hoerner on 03/19/11 at 05:37 PM

A very nice write Richard!

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 07/21/11 at 10:04 PM

Hmmmm witchcraft? Maybe? You surely eloquently express the power of words!

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