Irritatingly opinionated informative anger placard

by Matthew Sharp

Religions are a self-replicating momentous growth of 'information'
whose survival is based on influencing the host to spread it to others
through their words, actions, clothing, music, friends trends, t.v., commercials, billboards etc...
Infecting many angles like gravity driven fluid finding/filling cavities...
Even attaching itself to something as common and natural as a sneeze!
I say thank you when someone says 'bless you' after I sneeze,
but I'm steady thinking how brazenly sickening, dirty, low and invasive
the virus is to go as far as attaching itself to a sneeze...Yuk!
Maybe in the future when someone sneezes everyone in the room should stop
what they are doing, get on their knee's and pray...
fuck it, go all out right? That's the direction it's going in anyway..
A placebo to replace a reality that's obviously too complex to look into
or understand, as opposed to just saying 'yes' and agreeing
with an old stale ass idea that was passed down way back in the day
when people still wiped their ass with their hands and raped their daughters
because the women in the village where too far away to walk
because the concept of riding a horse or inventing a 'wheel'
took too much work, brain-power and energy to figure out
Our communication process created a fertile landscape
where we constantly give birth and nurture idea's
as they struggle to survive by evolving, mutating, enhancing adapting etc..
and drives us off purpose as they use us to play survival of the fittest..

The world, especially modern countries like america, U.K., Spain,
Australia, Netherlands, Japan, China, South Korea, India and many more
seem to be operated and driven by a cultural force that is so far off
the purpose of preserving their culture in the constant change,
evolution and mutation of information, ego, popularity, self-acceptance
and battle for hierarchy like playing king of the invisible hill
of so called 'leadership', innovation and what is now considered
to be progress in the modern sense....
We no longer live for the purpose of ourselves, our species or our families.
Instead we are driven by the purpose of another organism entirely,
self-replicating influential information with tools like guilt and shame etc..
and engines like persona, fads, trends, character and evangelism etc....
We're completely drowning out the obvious fact
that we should've 'instinctually' treated each other like brothers and sisters..
Instead we see the latest 'murder suicide' kidnapping and rape case
and we start thinking that our own neighbors not only could be
but most likely are out to rob you, kill you and maybe even rape your children..
It can only go so much further before it crashes and/or blows up in our faces.
The direction that it is going in and the path that it creates
has an obvious dead-end driving on the freeway towards it with no brakes..
A roller coaster amusement ride that only stops when it crashes.

Many theories can be attached to this...
Like: I wonder how long this self-replicating
information/virus/life/organism/animal needs to evolve and/or mutate
to the point in which it no longer needs humans to survive and self-replicate..
I wonder if it is aware enough to understand that it will not always have humans
to use, influence and manipulate for self-replication and survival
I wonder if it is planning ahead in its extended phenotype
the same way we re-write and evolve our genetic code and plight
to enhance our chances for survival as we hand our survival techniques
down from generation to generation....
As almost every animal and life form I've ever witnessed
on this beautiful neglected paradise earth seems to do...
It passes down its methods of survival
evolving better and more successful replication methods...

Maybe that's where the monster took it's notes from the example,
the minute dimensional adaptation trap reflection,
the archetype taking a hammer to the prototype no matter the consequence and
results as long as it continues to gain momentum in it's propagation.



Author's Note: the religious extremist in my family and friends contest what I say before they hear what Im talking about because it has become the 'common' thing to blindly do... some in-laws go out of their way to emulate my mothers religious extremism for favor. I can understand an elderly persons overzealous religious indulgence.religion plays on fear of death the closer you get the easier it's job. but a younger person....damn it's sad:(

Posted on 02/12/2011
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 02/14/11 at 06:26 PM

You're bloody brilliant, sir. That is all.

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