A piece that always will

by Matthew Sharp

I knew I'de miss you but we where so fucking miserable and I knew we would eventually change again but I lost the patience to stick it out and you didn't and I feel like anything could've happened and friends that I barely knew told me to get rid of you because I could do so much better but I didn't want better I wanted you to come back from your curse of insecurity through a 'model' vanity you didn't feel you where living up to I loved you I didn't care if you where blemished it washes away in time that ran so short like a fuse that I couldn't get away from before the bomb exploded and now we own pieces of each other and I know what I do with mine but I wonder what you do with yours I know you threw them in the dirt and picked them up and shined them to glow in vane when at a moments notice the pieces discarded and picked up again treating the memory the same way you treated the relationship event I could put you on the horizon for a shelf all to yourself and show you what I mean with my rambling words and the passionate improvisation of soul reduced to noises of communication and even though we are gone I still want to use my hands because the words get in the way there is nothing I could say to describe what you tried when you told all your friends of our intimate passion and moral secrets behind the sheets the animal speaks from beyond within leading by example drawing it out of you i knew it was there the first time we saw each other but I didn't want to trust my instincts that day and wondered if you would ever see me back because a one way street rarely has any head on collisions like we needed to see through our stubborn confidences' and confide in each other like germs that disinfect each other, like turning on the windshield wipers just to find that we where on the wrong road


Posted on 01/30/2011
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ava Blu on 01/30/11 at 03:43 PM

:( don't be sad

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