Modern Math

by Steven Craig

Bob has 3 apples.

Jill has 2 apples.

Ben has a crate.

Ted has a hammer and three nails.

Barbara has an empty 6 liter bucket with 2 sponges.

Jim ate one of Bobs apples.

Bob gave Jim black eyes and a single fat lip.

Fred the 5-star deputy arrested Bob on 2 simple assault charges.

Martha ate Bob's other 2 apples while he was in jail.

Imir el Shalala (The Killer of Doves), takes Ben's crate and places a 4 oz package of plastic explosive in it.

Judy picks 3 new apples and places them in with the plastic explosive.

Dillon uses Ted's hammer and 3 nails to close Ben's crate with Imir's (The Killer of Doves), plastic explosive and leave it at the post office with the jails address for 2-day delivery.

Sandy lites a fuse hanging out of the crate.

The fuse goes out.

Sandy lites a second fuse and blows on it until it is over 934 degrees F.

The crate catches on fire and melts the plastic explosive without detonating it even once.

The 3 apples in the crate that Judy placed in the crate roll out only 1/2 baked.

How many mantled howler monkeys in Ecuador moved to southern Mexico as a result?


Author's Note: This .... was the easy one

Posted on 01/29/2011
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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