by Steven Craig


People say
they can not see the forest
for the trees,
but I am certain
it is actually due
to the leaves obscuring the twigs.
It is awareness
of the details
that makes the forest,
and orders the trees,
straightens the twigs,
and presses on with the leaves.

In North Carolina,
I have a favorite mountain
that I retreat to
from time to time.
That mountain is found rising
at the apex
of a long arching crest
that fell away into the gloom
for many miles
either side of my feet.
There came then a summer night
crested by a full moon
bright as any stage arc light.

Into this high pocket,
a distant storm was drawn,
dancing vaguely with lightning,
then more perceptible
with its sudden flashes
as it slowly drew close to my eyes.

But this storm was one
of a moments special creation,
a new and inspiring delight,
for it was not the lightning
that illuminated my attention.
As brave as it was,
it was not the thunder
that could compete for my awareness.

For slowly,
with increasing crescendo,
even as the great cloud approached me
in the dark
having swept over
the moons pointing fingers,
it the was the sound
it was making
that made me alive
at the moment.

It was the sound,
of trillions of raindrops
falling on the millions of leaves
that is the memory of that night that I keep.
A true water fall
cascading on the invisible,
hidden arbors of nature,
as it has done
for millions of nights untold
through out time.

The difference was,
this night,
this moment,
this instance,
found me there.

Getting all wet.

I have observed
many that can truly claim
to being a dominant individual force
in this life.
They are that way
not because they are loud,
or strong,
or hide insecurities
behind the grip of a whip,
but because they lead,
they decide,
they act,
they do so with integrity
and allow little to inhibit
the thoughts of those
that willingly follow them.

I always see that primal human need
to escape that compressing demand,
that endless horror
of always being aware
that they are the one
others look to for their security,
their physical
emotional salvation,
without ever showing any weakness,
never showing uncertainty,
never revealing how really human they are.

I see some succeed
in a way that works for them
to make that escape
while trying so hard to hide that need
to really do so.

I also see some fail
to find the clear avenue
of relief and retreat
which results in what some simply tag
a nervous breakdown.

I know that they have fallen
to their own propaganda
of only showing the strength,
the strong hammer,
the invincible shield,
the indisputable manager
of every situation,
but they fall into being inhuman.

We all need
those moments when we can,
to coin a phrase,
just let go.
Even gods and goddesses
rest after five or six days.

It is the real moment
of showing your personal strength,
to submit to a human need
to pull the plug,
prop your feet up,
let someone else do the driving for a while,
and listen to the storms' rain
beating the forest leaves for a change.


Author's Note: Your life is only limited when you do not live it.

Posted on 12/25/2010
Copyright © 2023 Steven Craig

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