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Zyklon B

by Eric Seligmann

Hotel Birkenau, 1944
Don't bother to unpack
Leave your luggage at the door
All your room accommodations are set for you
Here, let me help divide you
You to the left, and you to the right
Oh, and don't mind the fires in the pits
They are just there to provide a little light

Just take a number, please
You will all be served in time
No! Don't push! Don't Shove!
No need to cut in line!
Next I am going to need to segregate you
Poles, gypsies, gays, blacks, and Jews
Now, if you will kindly step this way
I will show you to your rooms

You will find your chambers cold, dank, and cozy
I hope you enjoy the decor and potpourri
It is our exquisite blend of burning flesh,
Disease, hunger, decomposition, and death
You will all be stacked 3 by 3. Or was it 9 by 9?
Oh, I forget, it doesn't matter,
You will all be festering in your own shit
Just like dirty, filthy schwine!

The Nazis are dressed as cats
And the Jews as mice
Caged in the chambers,
They pray to their gods,
Scream for their mamas
In the end they just fall asleep
In their striped pajamas

We are just purring felines toying with you!
There is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do!
Except drown like rats!
Drown in the gas!
Just drown like rats!
Drown in the gas!
Drown in the gas!
Wait a second...
How can you drown in gas?


Author's Note: Song I wrote in a weird mood. Let me get this point across: NO I am NOT a Nazi or do I think anything that happened during the holocaust was right. I am Jewish, myself, and lost a good portion of my family to the concentration camps. The message I am trying to get across is how the HELL these people could just send human beings to their death. This work is supposed to be cynical in nature and almost "black comedy", if you will. The man narrating is supposed to be almost like a manager at a ritzy hotel showing some esteemed guests the grounds. Hate me if you will, take from this what you want. Just as long as it is understood that I am not promoting what happened or promoting hate in any way, shape or form.

Posted on 11/22/2010
Copyright © 2021 Eric Seligmann

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