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My Head Is In Your Head

by Eric Seligmann

As you lay next to me
We talk about nothing
The same thing is on our minds
Are there gods? Why do stars shine?
We are connected at the hip
Our bodies entwined
You place cold damp fingers
In the ridges in my spine

I want you to feel everything and
Your breast holding semen
And we both want the same thing
Your head is in my head
My head is in your head

But that's when you turn to me
Your words like razors
That dance across my flesh
Bled out the compassion and
Cut the heart out from my chest
I hope your veganism cannibalizes you
Eats away at your body, until there is nothing
Except that malnurished squish between your ears

I want you to feel everything
Your blood must be boiling
We both want the same things
Your head in my head
My head in your head

And do you think its odd of me
To want things how they used to be?
Back, way back when
You were still in love with me
But now you're like knuckles
Encased in a velvet glove
So soft on the outside
And a monster on the other

With eyes just like laser beams
Pierce through the darkness to get to me
I tiptoe around landmines
While you melt away my insides
I can't stand to look at them
So I hide your face in my pillow
You won't scream too loud, will you?
But its hard to cry for your parents
As I pinch off your larynx

I want to feel everything
I bet you're as scared as me
But that's the way it has to be, so
My head is in your head
Your head is in my head

And do you think its odd of me
To think about sodomy? And other
Terrible things to do to your body?
But now I'm like knuckles
Encased in steel gauntlets
So hard on the outside
Hide a monster on the other

Your body is cold, of course
Smelling of rotting corpse
Your eyeballs are missing
I cut them out with sharp things
So I can fill the empty holes
With my angry rigid wholeness
And you don't feel anything
nothing changing from the way you were
In life, clamy and freezing, the only difference is
You are no longer breathing, sprawled out on my bed,
My head is in your head
My head is in your head


Author's Note: A song I wrote that tells my feelings about the end of my last relationship...written as kind of a joke, but whatever.

Posted on 11/04/2010
Copyright © 2021 Eric Seligmann

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