Alcohol=Truth Serum

by Andrea Colton

He faltered – I did not move
My thoughts quivered as his eyes carved through my ribs
holding a gaze so stark that
the hairs on my arms pleaded with my skin for release.
His eyes turned seven shades of black
and he shrieked when he looked down to find that his masterpiece
-the script imbedded in his palms-
had been washed away by foolhardy drags of vodka
He looked at me as if I were...
and swallowed the blood from my drained lips.
I watched the veins in his neck protrude and eat away at his skin
-skin that smelled much like death already-
His pulse screamed to purge.
It ravenously skimmed through his core and sprung from his throat,
and the breed of words that so easily rolled off his tongue
struck my swollen belly and left me in an unbridled heap
in the center of a collapsing room.
Choking on unretrievable dreams I sat unmoving – still–
lost as a light is lost in light.
I cut myself open for the sake of conviction
only to find myself


Author's Note: I'm pretty sure it's safe to say we've all had an "Aha!" moment in one relationship or the other. Whether it is finally seeing yourself in your true form, or seeing the other person, in theirs. I've had many of those...too many to count. This one, in particular, was brought upon by Vodka. Everyone should try, at least once, to stay sober around a bunch of drunks. You'd be surprised the things you learn...

Posted on 08/10/2010
Copyright © 2019 Andrea Colton

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Joe Cramer on 08/11/10 at 12:23 AM

... quite exceptional... welcome to Pathetic.....

Posted by Stephan Anstey on 08/13/10 at 07:08 PM

Southern Comfort Epiphanies are sweeter. ;)

Posted by V. Blake on 10/13/10 at 09:32 PM

Looks like I missed your arrival here! I am definitely sorry--this was excellent and the rest of your library beckons me.

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