by Andrea Colton

I am her.
(As you see me)
Not I, no.
I was snuffed out by
the swift judgment
of an angry sky.
It wanted to swallow
my pretty yellow shoes and...
It was just so
Selfish sky.
I didn't stand a chance.
Neither did my shoes.
Question mark.

This is cavernous, this I..
I’d offer you to crawl in
(Our shadows could play hide and seek)
But a hole is left a hole
-filled with pretense or not.

Poor dear.
Poor dear me?
It had no other choice...
I certainly couldn't land
If never there was a fall...
So I fell
and stuck like a fly on
sweaty summer skin
I clung to it
my only friend
-I clung to it-

It gets lonely here
in this hole of me...
The sunlight penetrated
my surface yet
failed to penetrate
my me.
Well, stupid sun,
I stopped seeing you
long before I ceased to stare.

That's it, isn't it?
That's all there is.


Author's Note: Feeling like an actress putting on a play for the world. Would a real human being, please stand up?

Posted on 08/09/2010
Copyright © 2019 Andrea Colton

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by George Hoerner on 08/09/10 at 11:57 PM

Many writers use the i vs the I to represent something different. But few if any know which part of each is them and not them. Interesting write.

Posted by Aaron Michael on 08/10/10 at 03:34 PM

i was standing and applauding, but real that does not make me.(br /) this piece begs to be read aloud. That is the only way that it makes sense. I do, however, feel that it adds that third dimension to the poem. I have no idea what you sound like, but I believe wholeheartedly that if you read this aloud, others would stand and applaud, as I did.
that's not to say that they are in any way real, either :)

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 08/10/10 at 06:58 PM

What I love is the style put forth here. It's a wonderful form of controlled chaos. Really nice stuff.

Posted by Stephan Anstey on 08/13/10 at 07:09 PM

I agree with Gabriel. ;)

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