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Miss Foxy's Last Lesson

by James Zealy

It were a long time since that fox messed with my chickens
Most five years I reckon
My butt was all healed up
Tom Cat done runned off or died

Bubba got fixed
Chesty spent more time grazing and sleeping
Then chasing chicken eatin' foxes
And I settled writin' just cuz I felt like it

It were kinda lonely without that fox
Stirring eveything up
I kinda missed it in fact
I always a wondered what happened with that critter

One day I dressed up and headed fur
The Davidson County library
Had My best bibs, car hart hat
And brand spankin' new red wing boots

I walked in grumbled a hello to
That stuffed shirt librarian
When thar she was again
Them green eyes a dancing with devilment

I had my writin' in hand
Outta habit as I walked over
To that Copper haired Heffer
She invited me to set for a spell

They was some wrinkles around her eyes
Where they wasn't before
She smiled asked to see my writin'
Fur a moment she got right quiet

She pushed my writin' back to me
And turned to leave
Those eyes a twinklin' with mischief
This time I weren't gonna take my eyes offa her

She strolled round the end of the row of books
Next think I seen was that dad gum fox come out
The other side that tale a waggin
Smilin' like she just ate my last chicken

I rubbed my eyes,
She was a little grey around her snout
The door to the Library opened and off she ran
Running a crooked line as fast as her legs could carry her

That dad gum fox was at it again
Only this time they wasn't any chasin
I never saw that thar fox agin
I reckon she learned me enough

At least She was a eatin
Someone else's chickens
I Frowned a little, Headed back home
And wrote all this down soes I don't forget

Miss Foxy's Last lesson


Author's Note: It took me five years to figure out how to end this little saga. For those of you that have read the rest, a little reread might be in order.

Posted on 06/15/2010
Copyright © 2021 James Zealy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 06/15/10 at 04:20 PM

I truly LOVE this series of yours! This final installment was good enough I just had to go read that folder through, just soes to know I didn't miss nuthin. One foxxy thought, mebbe fer "red headed Heffer" she'd be knowed here as "copper haired Heffer?" Good thing I found this here series at the end or I'da nagged you to death bout it! Awesome wrap up to it! Into my favorites it goes... (just soes I don' forgit it!)

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