Once Around the Sun

by Steven Craig

Once around the Sun.

Pluto Never spun Too Fast
Got demoted to a rock in Space

Neptune sits with rings invisible
Rolling though space waiting for its time

Uranus asked to be seen once
Now, it hates us for dropping in

Jupiter Had its moment of fame
Comets impacting like a fall of rain

Mars has its rovers
Falling into holes and dragging their feet

Venus still swirls in heated clouds of smog
Beckoning LA drivers to take a deep breath

Mercury still whizzes by morning or night
Always speeding in its own passing lane

The Moon still glows yellow and white
Taking a moment to coast pass us by night

But on the Earth is only one of you
It just spun out another year

Happy Birthday and be assured
That you have out shown them all


Posted on 05/29/2010
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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