thoughtless flow #3

by Matthew Sharp

receptive to the collective in a simple perspective

in thoughtless awareness i bury this

with the rest of the stresses a lesson im tested

taught to be aggressive instinctually protective

all dots connected lined and inspected

reminding memory the picture frame has never changed

thats the point of it being empty nothing tempting

something that enters my i/eye no matter how hard i try to not lie

but drop a hint so they know who you are and where youve been

less they just wanna have sex and not even be friends

how can i believe what im speaking i sit and think through the weekend

thats better than lately nobody debating berate me i think i was mistook i didnt mean to leave no one shook

thats a whole other look to try just an eye that shows that no one knows

beyond words where this goes i can take it til i explode

like i had some seeds to sew i need to slow down

got my magnifying glass past turbulent vision and it turned upside down

i knew it did it was burns that it put on my eyelid

i tried to hide it unabided violence forced me to see

blindin me til i couldnt breathe

had to keep telling myself believe believe even bleed if need be

no domestication no amount of medication to alter concentration

in evaluation of an imagination under the sedation of channels and stations

like awesome masturbation


Author's Note:

Posted on 05/08/2010
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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