Employment Paradise

by Steven Craig

Gosh, another day in employment paradise.

A place in the sun that is eclipsed in the office.

A collection plate that is passed to me every nanosecond.

A shelf of rare grass seed for lunch.

What more could a person ever want that did not involve such demented things as




self worth

dynamic prospects

a humor beyond even tomorrows expectations

the joy of making the mountain peak before sunset

the slide down the glacier ice

a moment in the bit torrent

a pause before a mirror

a wrinkle in the depths of ones very own stomach

a foot in a foreign door

a place setting for hostile Mexicans

a never ending slurry of coal dust and milk

a beasts cry for blood in a bloodless storm

riding the wave of invention

bearing gifts to the one that really matters

the moment lost when you turn your back

the last Mohician

a perilous decent in a well of ink

the breaking of the code of unclear acids in solution

a flattering remark in vain

a greeting mistrusted

a purring cat upside down on the floor

a sound that is recognized as a single hand clapping

a wizards baton in the toilet

a snoring spider

the wrong way guy circling the universe

the vehicle of tomorrow here yesterday

the last chance to stop this crazy march

the first chance to try again.



Posted on 03/28/2010
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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