Fast Food

by Steven Craig

In a world of endless screw-ups
of massive waste
of selfish self centered abandonment
to lust and drugs and money
in a place where integrity
has no value, save to ruin

to forever harbor anger
to all and sundry
where fear to a child
is a laughter to an adult

where death of those that deserve life
at the hands of those deserving to die
in ever more violent scrolls
of vortexes destructive edge

bending all
breaking all
shattering all
denying memory
with lies

where the most wonderful
is no more
than spherical bovine excreta
the stump of every butt-end joke
the yoke of endless addition
marching to the creed
mutatis mutandis

there still stands that icon eternal
that beacon of salvation
at the dead-end
of every highway
the fruit for whom the flies fly
the ache that has no more sensuous pain

the feather in the cap
of sensible patience
the brothel of additives
the arena of rice cake odors
the final arch of golden delights
for the statin saturated blood
of both youth and age
Mike Rowe’s Mike Rowe



Posted on 03/03/2010
Copyright © 2020 Steven Craig

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