by Charles J Hannan

I remember a time when I was young
A moment in a laundromat that I'll never forget
It was the mid-seventies in Scottsboro, Alabama
My mother and I visited this place every week
It was part of our routine
And a snack place shared the parking lot
My mom always treated me to something
Like a slawdog
A hamburger
Or fries
The wait was long
At least it was back then
So food sped things up quite nicely
That day it was an order of fries
Mom was folding or possibly reading
And I was snacking
Passing the time
Sitting on those connecting chairs
That public places have
And next to me was this boy
Younger than me
Nothing was ever said
I watched him
And he watched me
As I put fries in my mouth
One by one
He then did a bold thing
That any adult wouldn't think of
He slowly took a fry
Looking at me the whole time
And I looked at him
But for some reason I didn't mind
I have no brothers or sisters
So sharing was something new
He then took another
And another
Watching me the whole time
Til the container was empty
Nothing was ever said
The frenchfries said it all


Posted on 01/29/2010
Copyright © 2020 Charles J Hannan

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Charlie Morgan on 01/29/10 at 03:48 PM

...what a delightful write. neatly packaged, tight, this lil' story of the encounter, what a magic carpet ride younger folks give us, in their trust in us...again, a delightfully written piece o' work.

Posted by Johnny Crimson on 01/29/10 at 03:59 PM

This is nothing less than wonderful.

Posted by Anne Engelen on 01/29/10 at 06:16 PM

Truly enjoyd this story, sweetie.

Posted by Therese Elaine on 01/29/10 at 07:38 PM

Why that smug little... *Cough* This is fantastic -and there isn't much more to say beyond that.

Posted by Jersey D Gibson on 01/30/10 at 02:20 PM

very poetic. Can we say that *ahem* the french (fries) were liberated? -yer pal, Jersey

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 01/30/10 at 03:00 PM

Nice storytelling throughout. You definitely know what you're doing when it comes to keeping the interest alive.

Posted by Julie Adams on 03/14/10 at 06:38 PM

this lil slice of life is just the perfect ingredient for a poem, well done to capture it and share it as you have...such memories are food for the poetic soul...a pleasure to read you again, peace, jewels xoxox

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