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The End

by Leah Laiben

Two cheeseburgers please, no ketchup.
We don’t need drinks, wink, we have our own.
Eggs, yolks, cheese, and and loop-de-loop.
Growin up in the world.
And my mormon dad are fine.
So’s the Tabernacle Choir, thanks for asking.
It’s a Goosey Creek, let’s hide the keg.
Allergic to your cat, but he can sit in my lap.
To the river, driftwood, shiver.
Brushing my teeth again. And again.
Bail me out? Without a doubt.
Jake’s Angels (we’re stealthy like a you-know-what).
Wait in line for gas, 9/11, this too shall pass.
The sun settled.
I’ll keep you in my parket.
Poke, poke, poke.
One more game. Please don’t go.
And the Moose ran away with the spoon.
Scarface and Sauza.
Owe you an OE.
Eat it with a fork.
Don’t back up.
Watching over. Feel your breath.
21, let’s have some fun, Matt already has a tab!
There was a stop sign…but that’s still good drivin’.
Make a friend. Kiss my hand.
Money schemes. Broken dreams.
Might even grow me a fu man chu.
Who needs an Italian stallion,
When you’ve got a Shetland pony?
“Sumbitch. Where are they? Sumbitch.”
That boy. Oh that boy.
It’s Ephraim and Luscious-
That wascally wabbit.
I don’t smoke too!
27 club…that’d be awesome,
Almost made it, too.

(Goodbye to my friend,
To my fish who didn’t swim.)


Author's Note: a boy i loved. who is no more.

Posted on 08/08/2009
Copyright © 2021 Leah Laiben

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