no sore should go unexplored

by Matthew Sharp

a blank story
allegorically rhythmic
to entice you
i like you
i fight you after what its been through
i feel i had the right to ignite you
im uncharred no scars
you'll never hit me that hard enough
a soft touch gets rough under the guise
of perpetuating lies provoke
a cycle i wont give you
no wheel/will to drive through me
like im see through
but never incoherent

i no longer want to drift anymore
get the feel for a floor you know
i assume you do know what its like
to be consumed by a room
habitats have a knack for that
distracted and trapped
maybe i cant even look you in the eye
even if i tried i lied to myself
how can we get used to the fact
that we never met
i think we're just silouhette's
at the end of each others fingertips
and it seems it dont matter at times
but shadows on the wall leave stains
when there so long
our song we write in righteous indigenation
maybe just my imagination
but its all flowers and dirt
in my mind and heart and soul
likened to nature earth core soil
thinking about this in the rain too today
sometimes i would think of what i was going to say
but it all comes out different anyway
premeditations a waste like haste
maybe an aquired taste to fit your pace

ive watched you in and out of love
mostly out
i did the same throughout
but you can heal a broken heart
it helped when i couldnt help myself
because no sore should go unexplored


Author's Note:

Posted on 08/04/2009
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ava Blu on 08/04/09 at 09:00 PM

"how can we get used to the fact that we never met" - I think this line sums it up.

Posted by Alison McKenzie on 12/23/09 at 09:35 AM

Was I sleeping when you posted this? I must've been...

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