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The Art of Letters

by Christopher J Davidson

I love getting letters, whether it's in the form of a letter through the postal service or in my email inbox. I really think it's a lost art these days. People just don't take the time to actually write a real letter to someone. It's always something along the lines of "Hey, how r u? I'm gud. Just chekin' on ya", or some inane bullshit like that.
No one actually sits down and thinks about something real, something with substance, something with heart and feeling and emotion to write to another person. Part of that is because the writer cannot bring himself or herself to sit down and read a letter all the way through without skipping over small portions. People only write as much as they would want to read from someone else.
We have become relegated to three line blurb emails void of emotion and substance, and I think that is a crying damned shame.
So to all of the long-winded, the descriptive, and the emotional; to the lovers and the fighters, the newly found lovers and the reacquainted friends; to the poor spellers and grammar police, the eloquent and the awkward - keep writing and keep words alive. Don't apologize for your long-winded nature or in advance for potentially boring someone to death. Write what you want to write, give it all you've got, and never feel bad about it.


Posted on 07/31/2009
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