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Approaching The Event Horizon Of The Dark-Robed Goddess Of Sleep

by Tom Goss

Every night she dreams she is an ancient messenger,
effortlessly gliding through the drifting clouds of interstellar gas.

Crawling at light-speed past innumerable galactic clusters
she feels like a solitary photon slicing through a monstrous stained-glass cube:
even with her mind anchored to a racing point
she cannot help but marvel at the swirling rainbows of matter
that so beautifully punctuate the expanding darkness.

As the glowing ember of her mind
traipses across the black majesty of space
each step forward stokes the fire of her hunger ever higher.

A slave to the mushrooming weight of desire,
her grasping intellect grows exponentially
as she swallows and catalogs the characteristics
of every spinning child of the cosmos.

Nourished over time by the hydrogen-filled sap of stars
and the rock and ice of orbiting planets,
she eventually grows beyond the threshold of singularity:
suddenly her gravitational pull becomes all-powerful,
dragging even the vast electromagnetic spectrum of light
into her insatiable maw.

As she sinks her teeth into the simmering Starscape,
the Event Horizon that is her mouth
bleeds with the gamma-ray glow of annihilated antimatter.

As she dines on the universe's splendid assemblage of light
her face radiates from infrared to ultraviolet,
from X-ray to gamma-ray and beyond.

As her polychromatic lips quiver in delight
she smiles at the mysterious flavor
of the prime singularity.

In her fevered sleep
she draws his eyes using the stolen sap of stars.

As soon as the dream brings him to life
he hijacks a planetary network of microwave telescopes
just to turn his giant alien eye towards her supermassive heart.

so unimaginably dense,
five million times the mass of our sun
yet squashed into the size of our local solar system.

destined to sift through the shifting sands of the hourglass
for even the slightest evidence of her velvety emanations.

As the glowing ember of his mind
traipses across the black majesty of space
he marvels at the swirling rainbows of matter
that so beautifully punctuate the expanding darkness.


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Posted on 07/20/2009
Copyright © 2024
Tom Goss

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by George Hoerner on 07/20/09 at 10:49 PM

I love this write Tom. Sounds like the black hole of love floating across the universe of the heart. It sounds much like a Canadian story I read back in the late 40's or early 50's that was on a serial basis in a paper my stepmother used to get from one of her relatives. I can't recall the author or whether or not it was a monthly or bi-monthly paper. But at that age I thought it was one the best science fiction things I had ever read.

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