by Matthew Sharp

its never as serious as it seems
its found in dreams
but the other version you dont see
you forgot, you got me wrong
mistake my kindness for weakness
like you was singing it in a song
a stab at something you cant grab
who put you on the podium?
they lied, cause we still cant see eye to eye
is it the things you gotta do to get buy
like you was the only one that forgot to try
or atleast forgot how i feel
test me like i wasnt keeping me real
the smoothest mistake anyone could make
im like a garden of mirrors
but if i typed it would be wild
like bushes with no shearers
to keep it legible beyond incredible
ineveitable intutive
displaced the reflective face
a collage of knowledge
maturing in instinctual obviousness
i is in a coma
eye is in a coma
i is well aware of eye that was not there
eye is well aware that it's gone
no matter how long you stare


Author's Note:

Posted on 07/04/2009
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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