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The God Delusion

by Razel Davies

This god you crave,
To make you a slave.
Run from the best in man,
To be the worst you can.
Ignore the proof,
And claim meaningless “Truth”.

To you the world is flat,
The sane cannot even argue with that.
You spit in the face of hard work,
And call your critic a jerk.
The easier answer is all you desire,
Call the intellectual a fool or liar.

Assume the evil of different thought,
God help the ones you caught.
Fear a deity invisible to sight,
Claim the Sun doesn’t give us light.
Dragged into tolerance kicking and screaming,
To you the word has no meaning.

Barbarity if ancient man,
You repeat as best you can.
This god you crave,
Man’s own faith makes him a slave.
His will must be undone,
As "man is something which must be overcome."


Author's Note: Title inspired by Prof. Richard Dawkins. Last line a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche. In Answer to a bellow comment i wish to clarify that i am not stating a belief in atheism, i am following the scientific method of sticking to the null hypothesis unless there is sufficient proof to support the hypothesis. Again, my atheism is by no means a belief.

Posted on 07/03/2009
Copyright © 2021 Razel Davies

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Tom Goss on 07/03/09 at 03:02 PM

I also "have no need of that hypothesis." Religion is a crutch for those hobbled by their own inadequacies. The universe is magnificently frightening, and only the brave few shall throw off the animal chains of superstition and wishful thinking and face the stupendous cosmos with only reality as their guides. Life is short, let us see clearly and marvel at what we see. Cheers!

Posted by A. Paige White on 07/03/09 at 06:19 PM

The important thing, to me, is to be fully convinced in the "truth" of what you believe to be reality. Sounds like you are fully convinced in this piece, so that's good. Live it to the max! We'll all find out after our final breath if we'll reap rewards or consequences or just nothing at all but nothingness. You did a great job of stating the case for what you believe is the "truth" of reality complete with belittling the beliefs of others (which is common amongst all beliefs or disbeliefs) who believe differently. My belief is different and I'm just very thankful I have the freedom to live what I believe. Happy Independence celebrations to you and yours!

Posted by Ava Blu on 07/04/09 at 12:45 PM

Interesting poem. I might rephrase the "title is inspired by Dawkins" since the title is actually the title of one of his books....

Posted by Anne Boulender on 07/04/09 at 07:34 PM

How is atheism not a belief system? It's the belief there is no God, even though it has never been proven there is no God, you're still putting your faith in something that has never been proven.

Posted by Lori Blair on 10/12/11 at 12:44 AM

I see much of me in this write..we spend too much hope waiting for a god just as we do on lottery money...all that can be is how we can make it...missed your work!

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