her icon

by Matthew Sharp

maybe somethings out to get you
because youre the only one
thats been through
what you been through
theres no face value

its whatever you want me to say
i knew to annoy the topic
keep a smile
eventually we'de drop it
and continue to play
outside inner children
insignificance in billions
so many hands to shake
no more depression
stress leaves a complex

i know youve been infected
alone and unprotected
unsharing septic singularity
confined to home
feeling skeptic

my confession expected
worse than pictures of my penis erected
not like the one we took for fun
you said you wanted some
i just thought it was pretty
i was being curteous
along with everything else
you can bury this

So now it's like death
youre cold
her celebrity froze
in videos like no clothes
over-exposed and under-exaggerated
pull the demons from your closet
and collaborate it
it musnt elevate with hate
or go any
since your push becomes a shove
i see you got no love
you wouldnt know if
i wonder if youve a soul
a broken halo
from low blows
blurring my view
i heard her say
'wheres my dream come true'
how much skin have you shed?
a striptease for the dead
over and under a goth girl bed
constricting possibility


Author's Note: i had a turtle bed. what was i thinking.

Posted on 06/29/2009
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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