digital love

by Shonda Creemer

It was a small waiting lobby, but very neatly decorated, classic some may have called it. There were only four chairs, deep black in color and made of the best leather money could buy. Jasper knew this because he could smell that rough texture of sophistication the moment he walked in. Actually, he had looked at the exact same chairs for the lobby of his office, but opted for something a little more expensive. Money was no object to him. The table was a simple square of glass, blocked in on the edges with a gorgeous shade of mahognany. No magazines. No knick knacks. Nothing else. Jasper looked down at his Rolex, “Damn,” he muttered. He had been waiting for well over an hour and well over his appointment time of 2:30. He normally was not an impatient man, but he had already waited so long for her as it was. 7 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, and a handful of hours to be exact. Perfection it seems takes time.

As he stood to ask the receptionist how much longer it would be, a lanky looking fellow with wire framed spectacles opened the door and introduced himself. “Hello Mr. St. Claire.” he said. “I am Professor Davenport. My apologies for the delay. Please follow me.” Jasper turned and smiled. Holding out his hand for a shake, he said “No problem. Let's get to it shall we!” The corridor was not as long as it seemed, but for some reason it was as if Jasper couldn't get to the end of that hallway and to that door fast enough.

Jasper St. Claire was 44 years old. A tall man, he stood right at 6 feet. His hair had already started to pepper itself with gray, but he kinda liked that. His soft blue eyes have been described by many as the color of the sky on a clear day. He was a looker by most standards, as well as a keeper. But Jasper had never been married, he never so much as dated; simply because Jasper liked his women curvy. He desired a woman that when he wrapped his arms around her, all he could feel was her softness. He even dreamed of her plump arms and thick legs. Of how she filled out her clothes in all the right spots. Of her rosy cheeks, luscious lips even all the way down to her chubby little toes. But she was only a dream. And this is why he was still single.

About 20 years ago, the government ~ in an effort to get it's people healthy, started regulating everything they were allowed to put in their mouths. As a result, they did become a very healthy nation. Obesity all but vanished, along with all her curvy women. Now everyone was fit and trim and hard. You wrap your arm around a woman these days and all you feel is her ribcage. “Rubbish.” he thought.

One day while browsing the Sunday paper on his laptop, Jasper found who he was looking for, well sort of. Her model was called “DOT-1”. It was short for something, but for the life of him he couldn't remember what. She was a top of the line humanoid, customizable upon the request of the purchaser, and as good a quality as any human. No one cold even tell the difference. Oh ~ but she was gonna be different all right. With DOT, he could make her into the perfect woman with curves in all the right places.

To this day Jasper remembered the look on the gentleman's face when he told them what he wanted. He chuckled to himself at this. At first, they refused such a request. They asked him, “How will she blend in? Where will you find clothes for her? What will you say to everyone...they will surly know she is a humanoid? The world had already adapted to smaller people. How was she ever make it in today's society???”

But Jasper didn't care. To this he simply said, “I will pay any amount. Just please fulfill my request and let me handle the minor details.” And so they did.

Now nothing but a door stood between him and her. Professor Davenport paused as he went to turn the handle. “You know my dear man ~ I must say, she has to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of looking upon.” And with that, he opened the door.

She had her back turned. “Such flawless skin,” he thought. He walked up behind her and touched her red locks with the back of his hand. He whispered something so soft only she could hear. She turned and smiled and for a moment, she took his breath away. He reached for her hand and said “I've dreamt of you for so long. Now I am complete.”


Author's Note: prompt was ~ dot Not sure if I am finished or not....oh well. Thoughts?

Posted on 06/10/2009
Copyright © 2024 Shonda Creemer

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