The Secret Room

by Steven Craig

You dwell in a place
You have made complete.
Each floor,
Each room,
Houses the parts of you

The windows,
There you seek
Always for some understanding
The doors stay locked,
Restraining your growth in isolation.
The garden is overgrown
With your desires
Not tended,
Not pruned,
Not held
In the vase’s embrace.

You are the moth
Searching for her flame,
Near to the front door,
There would be consumed
There in the moments glory
That can not be found
Beyond your flight.

You live caged in your mind,
Held by inertia
And wayless winds of thoughts,
For your dreams out pace you
And beckon you on,
If only you had the moment
To realize
How close those bars become.

Your bare feet
Would crave the path,
That where the thought
And the dream meet the power
That would free you
To feel the depths
Of the darkest corners
That beg
For their share of light.

It is for you,
Behind your searching eye,
Beyond your waiting lips,
It is for you a home
You have known,
And have ventured
Though its rooms
Uncounted passions,
Each with its purpose,
Each with its needs,
Each with a lock
That fits only one key.

It is always that hidden room,
The most sheltered room,
So private since a child,
So dark with its secrets,
So complete in its designs,
So compelling
In its need to experience
It is where
Your life desires intensely
Behind its locked door
When only the bravest
Would dare to come
Key in hand.

You know that love makes the space
Draws the energy
Dictates your destiny
Satiates the desire,
The lust,
The need
A love beyond that door
Far from that secret corner room
It does not fear
To pry open
That long closed door.

Those footsteps
Bring the intensity
The new bondage
Of your souls inner freedom
Bearing the humiliation
Of having waited so long
To be finally controlled
In your breath,
Each step,
The opening
Of those long darkened eyes
Being used to please
And at last serve another’s need
They are a home
As much
As any other woman’s love
As the kiss,
The embrace,
That sweetened the rose
on an ordinary day.


Posted on 11/01/2008
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

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